Teaching traditional Japanese martial arts since 1977.

"In order to succeed in anything you do, whether it be school, business or anywhere your path may take you,

one must have self-confidence, perseverance and respect for self and others."

Caparco Martial Arts invites you to join its school and learn character building along with martial arts skills.
All classes are personally taught by school owners Hanshi Mark Caparco (9th degree Black Belt)
and Shihan Claudia Caparco (5th degree Black Belt).  

Our program choices include: 


At Caparco Martial Arts, Hanshi and Shihan Caparco teach Goshin Jutsu Karate, a traditional Japanese self-defense art brought to the United States by the late Grand Master Gerard Durant (1922-1991).  Students are also trained in the moral values of the Code of Bushido, the Samurai's Code of Honor, which teaches dedicating one's self to the perfection of one's character through integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty and loyalty.  "The ultimate aim of Karate therefore lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants."  (Master Gichen Funakoshi - founder of modern Karate, 1868-1957).   The student will learn principles and techniques required for receiving Black Belt rank(s) in Karate. 

Students learn:

  • blocks, punches, strikes and kicks;
  • throws, takedowns, and follow-ups;
  • vital point techniques;
  • kumite (non-contact sparring);
  • kata (forms) training - a series of pre-arranged movements against an imaginary opponent;
  • extensive self-defense techniques (including ground attack techniques)
  • weapons training.

 Iaido:(Japanese Swordsmanship)

The art of Iaido is a traditional art.  Iaido is taught using pre-arranged series of motions, sometimes called kata or "forms."  The motions are designed as defenses against attacks by imaginary opponents.  Its forms are hundreds of years old.  Iaido is also traditional in the sense that it has no modern applications.  Since there is no practical purpose for sword fighting in modern times, there is no reason to "update" the forms, or to make the art effective for self-defense.  The physical practice of Iaido includes drawing, parrying and cutting motions, as well as various methods for returning the sword to the scabbard.  Outside of physical fitness and its historic value, Iaido is mainly practiced as a means of character development and swordsmanship skill.The student will learn principles of correct sword handling and techniques required for receiving Black Belt rank(s) in Iaido. 


Aiki Jujutsu:

Classes follow the techniques and concepts derived from the Daito-Ryu Aiki Jujutsu system.  It is a traditional Japanese Bujutsu (martial art) that teaches control of the attacker by causing varying amounts of pain through the use of the body's meridian system, joint locks and throws.  This art revolves around the concept of "ki" or "internal energy" within the human body that is guided by the mind.  No matter what the attack, energy is always used to unbalance an opponent.  The student will learn principles and techniques required for receiving Black Belt rank(s) in Aiki Jujutsu.


Caparco Martial Arts

3171 Chili Avenue - Suite 350 (Wegmans/Target Plaza at Chili Center - behind Five Star Bank)

Rochester, NY  14624

Tel: (585) 737.4602

email:   Hanshi@CaparcoMartialArts.com

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